The Benefits Of Multiculturalism In America

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Immigration: a controversial topic that continues to divide many a nation. An undocumented immigrant is an individual who resides in the United States without the proper legal permission. Undocumented Immigration has been a staple in Republican political campaigns that often use fear-mongering tactics to scare the public into fearing these individuals. Controversy over immigration policies has been prevalent since the US government passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the first instance of targeting a certain group of immigrants. The government even shut down recently as the Democrats and Republicans were unable to reach an agreement. However, providing a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants is favored by the majority of American citizens, and research shows that they help the American economy and lower the national crime rate well below the current statistics. Immigration policies are a vital part of any nation’s economy, and any changes can induce drastic changes. Canada, a nation with radically different immigration policy than the United States of America, enjoys the benefits of multiculturalism. Their immigrant population is the most educated in the world, and despite growing the xenophobia in the west their population is still highly in favor of an influx of immigrants (Tepperman 5). It does not seem that, Canada suffers as a result of their immigration policies. In fact, Canadian immigrants are twice as likely to have a college degree than American
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