The Benefits Of Multitasking

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Multitasking is the ability to be able to have your attention on multiple things at one time. Everyone multitasks whether it is at work, home, or school. Since everyone multitasks one way or another it just depends on what category you fall in. When multitasking you need to know the limits and when it is not effective. If I was only able to do one thing at a time I would never be able to get anything done throughout my day. Throughout my life I figured out how to multitask and it has turned me into a mid-core and hardcore multitasker. At school I am a mid-core multitasker but then when I am at work I am a hardcore multitasker. A mid-core multitasker is someone who engages in both social and academic multitasking but does rule his or her life.…show more content…
After working on an assignment for so long my brain starts to unwind and needs a break so I end up getting on my phone. Also if someone ends up calling me I will talk on the phone and complete my homework at the same time. Sometimes for me to focus on some of my assignments I need to listen to music to be able to get the job done. Whenever I am reading or studying I cannot listen to music as it will lose my focus and draw my attention away from what I am doing. Sometimes at work I will take some assignments that I need to complete or a book that I need to read but will get interrupted when a call light goes off. Everyone in this world multitasks whether they know it or not. We could not live in a world without it. Some people have different preferences when it comes to multitasking and know their own limits. Then some people believe that multitasking is not effective and just ends up distracting someone from what they are trying to get done. In reality we need multitasking to survive whether it is at work, school, or home. Multitasking cannot always be used because they are some activities that require someone’s full attention. When multitasking you to need to use common
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