The Benefits Of Music Education

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The Benefits of Music Education
“Music education can help spark a child 's imagination or ignite a lifetime of passion... Music education should not be a privilege for a lucky few, it should be a part of every child 's world of possibility” said political leader Hillary Clinton. Kids who participate in music education programs at school will have enhanced brain development, more so than kids who do not. Not only is learning about music enjoyable and exciting, but there is staggering evidence that there are so many benefits to comprehending music as well. Since the start of the 19th century, music education has been integrated into school curriculum. However, looking back on it, music education is seen as outdated because of today’s technology, and it’s not as important to school leaders anymore. It seems to be evident that budgeting for other programs like sports for example, is more crucial. This is the case, despite the overwhelming evidence that music education is very helpful to young and developing brains.
Music education strengthens brain functions to help students become proficient in studies other than just music. Playing music in an orchestra requires extreme focus, the ability to listen to other musicians, watch the conductor, play your part perfectly, and play notes in tune, all at the same time. Not to mention entertaining your audience and sending the message you’re trying to get across to them. Becoming proficient at these skills takes a lot of practice and
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