Nuclear Advantages

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There is diversity of energy we use in general, which is necessity in the society. So of course there are several area filling with energy generating factory to generate and some chemical materials from generating as well. In these days, especially nuclear became effective and important high technology to generate energy, however there are also negative aspects. You can imagine positive way but you need to consider both ways to accept nuclear power to be a safe energy source. This paper will provide mainly both positive and negative benefits from nuclear, what is nuclear, how it effects to human body and health, how it should be and solution. First of all nuclear is well known to most of the people in the world and perhaps the most passionately…show more content…
The most importantly this is the biggest part of nuclear that generating constant and huge amount of electricity. It is totally clean way to produce energy as it does not result in the emission of any of the poisonous gases. According to the Benefits Of Nuclear Power, there are carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen dioxide are not generated in the process of nuclear producing system. In this day, the world worry about environmental pollution of the atmosphere and it is the main worries. Using nuclear to produce energy is preferable compared to other system burning of fossil fuels, which causes so much of pollution with carbon dioxide. In addition to the process of nuclear system, the disposal of nuclear waste, which results during the generation of nuclear power is much easier to deal with. The reason is because it is just dumped in to a geological site where it decays over a period of time and has not negative impact on the environmental. This is also the main advantage of nuclear energy compared to the other chemical used generating system, which cause much more poisonous gases. Most of the generating energy system came up with problem that lack of source to generate enough, however, the source of nuclear power is uranium, which is available in abundance in the crust of the Earth with major deposits being uncovered in Canada and Australia. Since the source of nuclear power is available for more than century to come, this energy system is strongly inexhaustible. Nuclear is both cheap and safe from long time ago. According to Nuclear Power: futures, costs and benefits, Nigel is saying that “The earliest attack that we have found dates from 1923. However, in the early years of civilian power generation, in the late 1950s and 1960s, the nuclear industry progressed apparently without difficulty.” (Nigel, 1) This
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