The Importance Of Eating Nutrition

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Researchers have proved that establishments selling meals, including restaurants and fast-food places, apply nutritional information on their menus. An obvious ordeal is that healthy people are happier and more productive than people that eat fast foods many times a week. Along with eating nutritional foods, fitness allows people to be healthy as well. However, eating nutritional foods and doing exercise is a two-way deal. That means both actions are required to take place to be healthy.

When restaurants label their meals it helps people make easier and healthier decisions. In the passage it states, "According to studies, the average American eats at home about two-thirds of the time." For 25 years now, the packaged food that is consumed
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In 2010 the Affordable Care Act (ACC) it stated that all standard menus included nutritional information. In 1977, Americans consumed 18% of their calorie away from home, but nearly 30 years later it went up to 33% and basically doubled. If this trend continues then eventually America will be know as unhealthy and viewed as a diabetic country. Before it is too late, us consumers can put a stop to this though by looking at the nutritional values of everyday items and making better food…show more content…
If you eat a salad rather than a cheeseburger than you will have more energy to be more active. More energy means you can exercise more often, which allows your body to be so much healthier than ever before. A healthier body can lead to a less self-conscious person. Research has proven that less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle, but that 3% are all less self-conscious about their bodies, and they use labels to eat nutritional foods so that they live a healthy

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