The Benefits Of Occupational Therapy

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The American occupational therapy association (AOTA) defines occupational therapy as assisting all people with the use of meaningful occupation throughout all environments and contexts (2017). In addition, occupational therapy addresses all aspects of wellness. I believe the AOTA explains occupational therapy well by addressing all areas of practice, environments, age, and aspects of wellness. Furthermore, they gave examples of clinical examples of where or how they work to help others new to the field of occupational therapy understand it better. I believe occupational therapy is a wonderfully unique careen because it incorporates occupation, activities that bring purpose to individuals ' lives, into the therapy. By combining a person’s passion, and needs, the individual’s occupational performance and quality of life vastly improve. In addition, the…show more content…
One profession we often work with is physical therapy. Physical therapists and occupational therapists may work together while caring for a patient or collaborate on the clients’ goals to ensure the best standard of care. In addition, occupational therapists may work with athletic trainers. A possibility may be an injured student-athlete needs occupational therapy due to a sports injury that affected their occupations. The athletic trainer may help o the treatment of the sports-related injury where the occupational therapist may help the athlete regain function to thrive during their occupations. For both scenarios, the use of ICF will greatly improve the collaboration of professions. Utilizing a centralized terminology aids in communication and understand. When receiving notes or updates about a client, when using ICF, all professions can understand the records, therefore creating better care. It is important for occupational therapists to work well with other professions and use terminology from the ICF while
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