The Benefits Of Online Shopping Online

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The argument that I am going to be addressing in my persuasive essay is how people should shop in stores more instead of online. I am arguing this because some people do not realize the impact it causes on retail stores, their employees and themselves. My argument is derived from my current field, retail. Shopping online has become a huge problem even within my company. Stores have been closing due to more online ordering instead of in-store shopping. While some people online shop it allows them to buy things that they end up regretting and wasting later on. Online shopping also does not allow there to be as much social interaction which can cause health problems. One of my key points is the fact that people are losing their jobs due to stores closing and becoming more of an online store. Another one of my key points is that when people online shop they are more likely to regret their decisions. They end up buying more than they need or buy things they do not need. Lastly, shopping in-store allows you to have social interaction, which is healthy, rather than sitting on your mobile device or computer and online shopping. These key points support my main argument due to the fact that they all argue that shopping in-store rather than online is…show more content…
I will face many challenges because online shopping is becoming ideal for most people nowadays. People have busy schedules nowadays and ordering online has become much more convenient. Rather than driving to the store, looking for the products and then paying for it and then driving home people can just sit at home, in the car, etc. and order what they need. Ordering groceries online and having them delivered to your house or even picking them up is becoming the new norm for a good amount of families in the United States. These are just some of the challenges that I will be facing although I know that through my research I will discover
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