Persuasive Essay: The Agricultural Industry

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Agriculture is the world’s largest and most important industry. If agriculture is managed well, it can preserve in important habitats, keep good soil and water quality. We call it sustainable agriculture. But if agriculture is unsustainable there are many bad consequences for environment and human population. Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says human population will increase up to 9 billion people until 2050. With that rapid rise of population, production of food will have to double. How can we maintain sustainable in such a crowded planet? How will we feed another 2 billion of people?
When it comes to food producers, we are in the beginning of the radical change of food production ways. While people in western world usually take a side of organic produced food because of an idea it is healthier for them, third world countries are starving and in need of food hoping that giants like Monsanto, BASF or Dupont will save them with genetically
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Buying that food, money stays in community and make a good impact for local economy because all money goes to the farmer and not the distribution. At the other side GMO produced food increase farmers economy in developing countries. Studies in US shows that without GMO corn prices would be about 10 percent higher which is a huge difference in price.
GMO and Organic food production have different approaches of sustainability, but their goal is to grow more crops on less lands in a way that protects our environment. Robert fraley says "Everybody agrees that to go forward, we need to freeze agriculture 's footprint. ' ' Not expanding agriculture footprint on nature and using resources efficiently is what makes agriculture sustainable. Dillon says that organic framing helps with crop rotation and soil protection, "Without healthy soils, we can 't feed our planet long-term," he
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