Organic Foods Research Paper

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Organic foods should not be considered worthwhile. Organic foods today at the store could cost up to 300% more than our average conventionally grown food. Many consumers today do not pay for these organic foods because of what the cost of a organic label is compared to a normal grown food, and how there is little difference in them. The price of just buying food with it saying that is organic can cost more than just buying the normal brand. Some believe that labeling it organic gives it the right to sell it for more. “And about half of all consumers think labeling something organic is just an excuse to charge more” ( Lazarus ). Many companies will put an organic sticker on the produce, so that people believe its organic. By them doing this…show more content…
Charles Benbrook stated that just because something has an organic label on it doesn’t mean it has more nutritious. “And he is quick to point out that his team’s analysis does not mean all organic foods are more nutritious” ( Cernansky ). Lisa Herzig also stated that when buying organic foods it might not mean there is more health and nutritious. “Buying organic does not necessarily mean there’s more health and nutrition benefits” ( Lazarus ). Others believe that organic food is important to the environment even if it cost…show more content…
“Growing foods organically also can help the environment, new data show” ( Cernansky ). A new study shows that farms who do not grow organic food could contain four times the pesticides than farms who do grow organic food. “His group’s study also found that conventionally grown farm crops are four times more likely than organic crops to contain pesticide residues” ( Cernansky ). The thought of this to many people gives them the excuse to pick organic food rather than conventionally grown food. Many organic foods and conventionally grown foods do not play a major difference. The foods that play a major difference is berries, apples, tomatoes. Which many people eat these produce, and could make them think that the organic kind is better. “But, “there are big differences between conventional and organic berries, apples, tomatoes and other nutrient-dense produce.” ( Cernansky ). Many people believe that organic food is organic food and there is many differences to them. About 40% of people think this in today’s society. “ Only about 40% of Gen Xers believe that organic is organic…” ( Lazarus ). People who buy organic foods, buy it because it 's a healthier diet. “What you’re paying for, presumably, is a more healthful diet” ( Lazarus ). The reason they are organic is because the products do no have tons of pesticides linked in them, the meats aren’t pumped of antibiotics and the daily products don 't have much
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