Dangers Of Overfishing

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For a long time, people have seen seas and oceans as never-ending sources of food supply, convenient for dumping wastes, and valuable transport routes. Accordingly, for the past few decades, people have not only been depending excessively on seas, but have also been overexploiting and overusing them (“Threats to oceans,” n.d.). Overuse of ocean resources has been constantly pushing the seas to their limits, thus, considerably diminishing the marine animals’ population. In particular, an increased overfishing of numerous sea species is significantly reducing their population at an unsustainable rate, and driving them to near extinction. Therefore, overfishing threatens the lives of marine species and makes them vanish from those locations in…show more content…
However , the industrial waste in particular is the most danger to it .

One of the human activities that threatens ocean and sea animals is unsustainable overfishing. Pelle (2014) explains that big fishing boats in Europe have been considerably reducing the population of pacific tuna species due to overexploitation. Therefore, overfishing could also be the reason for the decrease is the population of oceanic
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Undeniably, fishing is a active source of employment and income for many communities globally. In many developing countries fish is an essential source of food security due to the poverty (Pelle, 2014). In addition to the ever-increasing worldwide demand for fish, overexploitation of fisheries is the order of the day. Moreover, numerous unwanted fish and sea animals die unnecessarily in the course of the fishing process annually. Thus, it is worth reiterating that unsustainable fishing is one of the biggest threats to sea animals and its continuation could possibly drive these species to near extinction. Notably, the extinction of sea animals could have a destroying effect on the food security, income, and even livelihood of many people who depend entirely on oceanic resources. Thus, humanity ought to embrace sustainable fishing practices. In addition, shark finning and whale hunting also endanger and nearly drive these marine creatures to extinction. In particular, many communities in Japan have been hunting whales for many centuries as a part of their cuisine (Huang, 2009). Japan is one of the countries whose fisheries contain whales around the world.

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