The Benefits Of Pet Bereavement

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Pet Bereavement
The relationship between people and animals has changed in the last 50 years. Animals who live with people have traditionally been called ‘pets’. They now tend to be referred to as ‘companion animals’. This change in terminology implies a mutual relationship between humans and animals which has been described as the ‘human-animal bond’. This relationship seems to be deepening.

Many owners consider their companion animals to be a family member and there are many other benefits of pet-ownership other than the obvious companionship.

Pets help maintain the health and well-being of their owners.
They act as social lubricants or ice-breakers, particularly with the disabled, ill or socially awkward people.
Pets stabilize the lives of their owners with their constant presence, unconditional love and emotional support.
Pets are often credited with pulling their owners through ‘rough spots’ in the lives by providing emotional support.
Pets often play a key role in people’s daily routine including leisure time activities and social support.
Why do pets make good companions?

The reasons are complex and go right back to the domestication of the pet species thousands of years ago. Pets often appear to communicate directly with their owner. Whilst this is impossible, it is considered by owners to be important. This can be reinforced with pets mimic their owners behaviour as is seen with speaking parrots. Equally pets are often cute and elicit deep care-giving responses

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