The Benefits Of Physical Therapy

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“Pain is temporary; the successes it brings can be everlasting”(Testimonials). This is what a physical therapist strives to succeed with their clients. These hard working individuals are heroes to so many people every single day, and often they do not get enough credit. Physical therapists are highly educated professionals who specialize in making life painless and easier for their patients. An immense amount of work is put into this profession, through years of rigorous educational courses. The education that a physical therapist goes through to receive licensure is all used in their day-to-day life on the job. By definition, physical therapy is the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat, and exercise rather than drugs or surgery. Furthermore, The job description of a physical therapist, or PT, involves many things such as interaction with patients, families, and other professionals. These people are all a part of the physical therapists attempt to improve the quality of life and movement in the patient. In addition to this, The field of physical therapy is very broad, including many different job opportunities, these different fields include improving not only physical well being but also mental and social health (What is Physical Therapy). The different types of physical therapy include orthopedic, geriatric, neurological, cardiopulmonary, pediatric, vestibular rehabilitation and women’s health (“Five Types”). The field of

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