The Benefits Of Planned Parenthood

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Women have been fighting for their right to be free and equal human beings in the American society for quite some time now, starting with the Woman’s Suffrage Movement of 1848. When the movement ended, women of America could finally say that they were “born free and equal in dignity.” I believe that with this freedom, includes the right to access Planned Parenthood (and other related businesses), without question. In recent years, many Republicans have vigorously attempted to ban the funding for all Planned Parenthood clinics and facilities. Those leading the charge believe that $530 million annual dollars is too much money, and they believe that all of that money should not be in the support of women’s abortions. There has been extensive…show more content…
Teen pregnancies have become much more common with the oversexualized views of our millennial era, and often times young parents cannot handle the stress of the child. In 2013 alone, 273,105 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years. If abortion is not their number one choice, they will most likely turn to adoption, leaving the population problem still in existence. People often use the common phrase “adoption is always an option” but are unaware that there are currently “397,122 children are living without permanent families in the foster care system (Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute, CCAI). There are too many children, and not enough eligible parents around to take care of them. The easy solution to this, not involving the termination of the fetus, is simple: prevention. The PP clinic has helped nearly five million women (and men) with their services, and prevented about 579,000 unintentional pregnancies every single year. If the consistently stressed importance of safe sex is withheld over a period of time, awareness would spread, and females are less likely to get unintentionally pregnant, saving a lot of time, money, lives, and…show more content…
Both of these points with factual evidence can be deemed untrue, because in 2009, 92 percent of abortions were performed within the first trimester, 64 percent were performed at under eight weeks gestation, 7 percent were performed at 14–20 weeks’ gestation, and even fewer, 1.3 percent were performed greater than 21 weeks’ gestation. (Centers for Disease Control and
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