The Future Of Plastic Surgery

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Over the past three decades, technological advances in plastic surgery have become huge, technological advances make it so much easier to get reconstruction of the body. Despite the fact that the price has not varied by much, it is still extremely expensive, but most woman subside the price and fix the region of their body that they dislike. Jumping to 2017 Adam Ross explains more about:
The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the world's largest organization of board-certified plastic surgeons. Representing more than 7,000 Member Surgeons, the Society is recognized as a leading authority and information source on aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. ASPS comprises more than 94 percent of all board-certified plastic surgeons
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Millions of people are largely against plastic surgery and wish that it would of never came about. The majority of people who are against plastic surgery are ones who have had a bad experience or someone who is a friend of that person. Plastic surgery is not all that bad, due to advances in technology there is a major increase of people getting work done to their bodies. Not only is plastic surgery for personal want but it is also for people who truly need plastic surgery done to survive. When you think of the name plastic surgery most people get sick, because it has gone too far in today’s society but if plastic surgery were to completely disappear, what happens to the people that were in accidents and hurt badly that need reconstructive surgeries, do you just leave them to die or live a horrible life because they cannot look in the mirror without breaking down. Although there is a lot of hate in this industry, there is a lot of love. Many people believe plastic surgery has changed their lives. “Vanity is an industry, Olga Trembath further explains how the beauty industry is the most profitable industries out there, so why are we fooling ourselves into thinking plastic surgery isn’t common?” (Trembath). In the principle of getting plastic surgery, it is the same as going to the gym and taking care of yourself. Woman and men are undoubtedly citizen by every citizen they run into. When…show more content…
There will be a continuous growth in both cosmetic and plastic surgery, trends indicate that the demand will continue to grow as it becomes more advances in technology, less invasive and more affordable. North Downs Hospital furthers how “in today’s world, many people want to look and feel their best. Plastic surgery can help achieve this and delay the aging process. In the future this desire to look young and attractive may become even more commonplace as people work and live longer” (). Liposuction procedures have been growing in the US and UK for years. As the increase of obesity and overweight levels are increasing so is the popularity of liposuction to get fat removed from the body. This is an obvious trend that will stay on the top of the plastic surgery realm for years to come. Another trend that is arising is non-surgical treatments and is expected to become more popular throughout the years. This helps patients manage their facial aging and to provide them with body features they truly desire. For plastic surgeons stem cell technology is an exciting concept, these cells can be harvested to regenerate cells and tissues in the human body (The Future). In the future this technology for stem cells may be able to be combined with tissue engineering to grow new body parts as required. Fat grafting will start to gain popularity in the future. This is where a patient’s extra fat tissue can be transfer and
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