The Benefits Of Playing Video Games

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Life has changed with the improvement of technology; things are not how they used to be. With the fast development, people have changed as well. The modernity impression differs in its influence, sometimes it helped humans and served us well and sometimes it destroyed our lives even without knowing it did. The availability of all kinds of technology has reached the younger generation to create a major threat, making this issue a controversial problem being argued about. Video games became a child’s best friend, spending hours in front of it playing without leaving the spot. Parents, psychology experts and even regular people argued about video games and their influence on the player’s socializing skills. My point of view might be different…show more content…
They argue that video gaming have some major benefits and improves the player as an individual. According to “The Benefits Of Playing Video Games” by Isabela Granic, Lobel Adam, and Rutger, their article shows the benefits of gaming and it improves the player’s skills and adds special potentials. One of the benefits is that video games motivates the player, a direct quote from the article says: “We propose that video games are an ideal training ground for acquiring an incremental theory of intelligence because they provide players concrete, immediate feedback regarding specific efforts players have made”. Instead of making puzzle games and riddles, game developers insist on making games that the player can move, think and develop his skills depending on the task of the game. Another positive outcome from video games is the emotional benefit of gaming. The author…show more content…
While interviewing Mr. Thaher he answered some of the questions that occur in our minds about the effect of video games. While explaining and answering the given questions I came to the conclusion that Thaher deeply believes video games should be prohibited to children under eighteen. Thaher monitored the actions of video games players; they tend to have short temper, aggressive behavior and lack of proper socializing skills. Adding to that he noticed that players get addicted to the adrenalin rush they feel while playing action games. The negative behavior added to their addiction caused many players to lose their academic, social, and their future life due to video gaming. On the other hand, Thaher agrees that some players develop some special skills like fast learning skills and smartness in some aspects, but he says it depends on the type of game. Strategy, puzzles, and riddle games can contribute in developing these special

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