Education Vs Postsecondary Education

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The ending of the high school tends to be an essentially important period in the lives of the students when they need to choose what is going to happen next. In this situation, the students with disabilities are in a more complicated situation in comparison to the other students. Nevertheless, there are still numerous options for the students with disabilities to get the postsecondary education and to gain the training that would be necessary for them to proceed in their career. To accomplish this, the students with disabilities might choose the option of postsecondary education and training providing the students with an opportunity to proceed with the education in the new environment. Nevertheless, while the students under usual conditions…show more content…
2). Respectively, in order to avoid the discriminating practices and to prepare the people with disabilities to the normal life functioning, numerous opportunities for their postsecondary educations have been developed. The equal opportunities have become the major concern of the policy makers at this stage. However, even when the students enroll for the postsecondary education, they tend to face a wide range of barriers, including the lack of professionalism among the staff, the lower expectations, the physical demands.
Under the mentioned conditions, one of the essential requirements to the education developers are the “improvements in assistive technology” (Herring, 2012, p. 29). Its advancement would allow better treatment of the students with disability and more appropriate conditions for their studies. The law envisions the right of the students to assistive technology which would allow students with disabilities “to receive the
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35). Nevertheless, the unwillingness of the higher education institution or their inability to provide the students with special needs with the required adjustment of the program tends to be an immense problem if an individual chooses the particular sphere.
With respect to this, another influential problem is recognized by the scientific research. To a definite extent in connection with the problem of lacking adjustment opportunities, “Half of the students exiting special education enter postsecondary education indicating that they do not believe they have a disability” (Getzel, 2014, p. 382). In many cases, it is easier for them to hide their special needs and to get the education under the equal with other students conditions. Such approach helps them to prevent possible intimidation on the side of the faculty or the teachers since as the researchers indicate, “students with disabilities are often intimidated when interacting with faculty” (Hong, 2015, p. 2010). However, this decision to refuse from the revealing the information regarding one's disability might result in the constraints within the educational process and the problems with the teachers and
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