Goals Of Project Management

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What is Project Management?
Project Management is the utilization of project planning, funding for the project, evaluating how to maximize profit, how to save time and how to use skills and tools to achieve project goals. Project Management is an interconnected process, meaning that all business activities take place in evaluation and coordination of the process of Project Management. If a company decides to start a new project, the idea must be analyzed by a decision-making team to see if the new product or service will bring benefit or not and if the project is necessary or not. After evaluating the idea, a project plan must be set to help identify the goals of the project and help the team to know how much is the budget, what resources can
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Making effective use and control of resources — physical resources, human resources, finance — within the organization is very important to minimize wastage of resources. Many projects need a lot of data to create a product and usage of project management analytics will be beneficial as it will give information and help to avoid unforeseen problems. Moreover, project management focuses on customer satisfaction and improving company product quality. As any business process, the main aim is to maximize the revenue and boost the productivity of the company. Better organized projects provide an easy workflow for team members which leads to higher worker morals — more benefit caused by employee satisfaction. Maintaining competitive edge is another goal of project management, experienced team will bring more opportunities to the…show more content…
The team members must receive training to get familiar with the workflow. Teamwork is very important because the efforts of members are strengthened and effectiveness of result is increased. This way, it is easier to meet the goals and also shorten the time needed for the project. Project managers must involve the team in the decision-making process because it might be possible that a member of the team has a valuable idea or thought that can be used for the project. A whole team is more likely to end up with a creative and feasible solution as opposed to a particular individual. This factor can prove to be crucial for the uniqueness and creative quotient of the project. After the project is finished, rewarding the team is significant because maintaining good satisfaction level within the team will make them more interested in working on future projects and they will have the motivation to give their
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