Legalizing Prostitution Research Paper

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Should prostitution be legalized?

Having evidences for being “the world’s oldest profession” in all societies, prostitution is a profession which has been prevalent since the recorded history and it has been increasing continuously with time (Prostitution). Prostitution can be merely defined as an act of engaging in sexual activities in order to get paid with some cash or some goods. According to a report from Foundation Scelles, there are 40 – 42 million prostitutes all around the world (Lombard-Latune, Marie-Amelie). Legalizing prostitution in countries or not is the ongoing, debatable matter of concern all around the globe and people have been putting forward their perspectives towards it. Some people take prostitution as exploitation of
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But legalizing prostitution does not mean legalizing every brutal act and violence against prostitutes. Legalizing prostitution clearly means that prostitutes should be able to work freely without any persecution and should not be arrested for their job. Laws must be promulgated such that it legalizes prostitution and protects the prostitutes from any kind of abuse and ill-treatment at the same time. For example in Germany, “Prostitutes and brothels undergo closer scrutiny and a new law for the regulation of the prostitution industry and the protection of the sex workers came into action. According to this law, sex workers must register with local authorities and seek a medical consultation from a public health service. Sex without condom is prohibited. Furthermore, clients who knowingly make use of the services provided by people who have been forced into prostitution will be penalized” (Prange, Astrid). “In Germany, sex workers pay taxes and prostitutes have access to health insurance and social security benefits” (Hinrichs, Beate). “In Netherlands as well, the legalization of prostitution made a distinction between voluntary sex work, which is legal, and forced prostitution, which remains a criminal offence” (Outshoorn, Joyce). Also, the traffickers have been thriving as prostitution has been working underground. Only after legalization of prostitution, all the trafficking that is happening can come to an end as the prostitutes and the victims of trafficking can fearlessly address the situation to the police without getting themselves

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