The Benefits Of Public Schooling

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You may not know but only a part high school is academically related. The rest makes you a better person. A few reason why students need to attend a public school is that they would miss out on the social aspect and the extra activities and clubs aren’t available for them. Online schooling might be more flexible but sometimes students need some structure in their schedule or won’t get any work done. Public schooling is the best option for high schoolers to become well-rounded citizens in the process.
People need the social aspect of public schools in order to reduce stress and have the better post-graduation future. Having strong friendships with your peers can make you more independent, community benefiting citizens. Diane Levin, Ph.D., author of Remote Control Childhood states, “‘Friendships help children gradually learn to be independent, contributing members of a community and it’s just as important as their academic growth’” (Your Child’s). Independence and good citizenship is a necessity in college and being. Examples include; in the workforce, project completion in college and more. “High school can be a period of important social and emotional development that 's dependent upon peer interaction” (Online High). Incoherence with friendship benefits, this social aspect of public schooling reduces stressful situations. Peers give you someone to talk to if you’re having a bad day. People are always dependant on other people to cheer them up, have someone to talk to and

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