The Benefits Of Recycling

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Recycling is Re-use of waste to produce other products of lower quality than the original product. There are many benefits of recycling, for example, Protect natural resources Contraction of waste and New jobs. However, there are disadvantages in recycling including, the cost of labor, the quality of the material produced through the use of turning waste materials and exacerbate the amount of waste. There are a lot of types of recycling, Recycling paper and cardboard (from newspapers and magazines) for the manufacture of paper and cardboard else, recycling of textile materials and clothes, recycling non-usable for conversion to other materials rubber tires and re wastewater recycling to a valid water thanks to cleansing and purify water plants. however, there are many companies all around the world that support recycles and one of them is the Beeah which located in Sharjah and it was established in 2007. Each company has their catapult to be the success so, Beeah was the first company in the Middle east introduce home recycling they play smart and green and blue smart recycling bins all around the city. Moreover, there are around 3600 employees in this company and they work all the day to achieve a real and measurable change in the region. In this paper I will be covering about many things like, more information about Beeah company, what are the things that they recycle and what they are using it for, how they deal and educate with people and what are things that they want

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