The Benefits Of Robotic Technology

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Robotic technology has been increasing significantly in many areas since over the last decade. They can execute some of the tasks that are dangerous and difficulty. For example, in a hurricane season this year, drone technology was used to help with recovery efforts, helped save lives in flooded zones, or in minding world, robots are employed to do risky tasks instead of human workers. Because they have been used extensively, some argue that robot will someday take over a human job in all fields. In fact, some factories have replaced humans with robots. Many people like the author, who wrote the article “Replaced by a robots”, devotes to goodness sides of robots, asserts that as technology improves, employers in all fields will have tendency to maximize their robotic workers. Despite of its benefits, I believe that in the long run artificial intelligence (AI) like robot is detrimental to human society. • Future robot could pose threat to an economy. Some have argued that replacing humans with robots is the most efficient choice. For example, it might help the disabled stand and move around independently, or contribute to net income for companies expanding robotic workforce. This argument might be true if it is considered under the side of an individual or a company the robot serves. It does not take into account negative effects on economy as a whole. Once the robot enters the labor pool, taking away more jobs, in consequence, the state of unemployment in a country could
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