Argumentative Essay On Self Driving Cars

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Imagine a death every 30 seconds from car crashes. Most car crashes are caused by non human error which occurred a lot. Car crashes need to stop, and we need a car that anyone can use and that car is a self driving car. Self driving cars are good for us because the car has reliable transportation, save the environment, and save lives. Self driving cars are reliable transportation for elders. Self driving cars have electronic devices that normal cars do not not have to help elders (Muhammad, 2015). The technology gives elder’s the ability to use a car again because the elders don’t have to control the car. Giving elders a chance to got to the store or even just go see family. Not everyone can drive cars because they don’t have good eyesight or good hearing. Now this is giving more people a chance! Not only is this good for elder safety but also good for everyone 's safety. Its reliable for all people because this car reduces 90% of human error (Muhammad, 2015). Also the car is easy to work because based on the technology. Safety is all…show more content…
Also cause unemployment. The disadvantages don’t compare to how many advantages are to this project. From common sense reducing deaths compared to the fact that it 's very expensive. Majority of people would choose to save lives. The price can be reduced and very little jobs use cars. Also again so much positive about the car that the negative won 't outweigh the positive. The raising of taxes disadvantages this car and also cause unemployment for taxies (Muhammad, 2015). But taxies is not a big job and raising taxes isn’t the worst of it so proving its a great car. Self driving cars are good for saving environment, has reliable transportation, and saves lives. Overall, research has proven this car is the best thing to put out there. Always remember someone dies every 30 seconds from a car crash. All in all, let 's be safe and be prepared for the

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