The Benefits Of Self Driving Car

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Imagine a death every 30 seconds from car crashes. Most car crashes are caused by non human error which occurred a lot. Car crashes need to stop, and we need a car that anyone can use and that car is a self driving car. Self driving cars are good for us because the car has reliable transportation, save the environment, and save lives. Self driving cars are reliable transportation for elders. Self driving cars have electronic devices that normal cars do not not have to help elders (Muhammad, 2015). The technology gives elder’s the ability to use a car again because the elders don’t have to control the car. Giving elders a chance to got to the store or even just go see family. Not everyone can drive cars because they don’t have good eyesight or good hearing. Now this is giving more people a chance! Not only is this good for elder safety but also good for everyone 's safety. Its reliable for all people because this car reduces 90% of human error (Muhammad, 2015). Also the car is easy to work because based on the technology. Safety is all reducing about human error because humans can not be perfect. Now with this car we will avoid so many issues with safety. Self driving cars do benefit all human beings and not just a specific group of people. The self driving car also save the environment. A lot of gasoline is used finding a parking space. People can avoid that with electronical car. The self driving car has a laser and a camera proving its an electrical car (Guizzo, 2011).

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