The Importance Of Co-Education In Public Schools

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‘‘If school districts want to offer single-sex programs, and parents want to choose them, and girls and boys want to attend them, then they should have that right’’. Susan Estrich ‘‘Ideologues Decry Single-Sex Education’’. Denver Post May 22, 1998, B-11
During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, co-education has been the norm for many public schools. Single sex education was not allowed yet. Nowadays, public schools have the opportunity to open single sex classes. This topic is controversial. Many people believe that co-education is better and others think single sex education is better. Single sex education is more efficient as it prevents distraction, develop academic performance and improve social skills.
Many parents argue that single
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As a result, this would affect the academic performance of students badly. However, single sex schools create a suitable environment for the education of the students, as girls feel more comfortable when they are in a class of the same gender and boys would perform better in the subjects. According to Gillibrand, (1999) ‘‘girls exhibited an eagerness to participate in discussions and to ask for help in front of other girls’’. Therefore, girls feel more comfortable when they speak in front of each other than in front of boys. Janice Streitmatter studied and compared the results of girls taking physics in single schools and in mixed schools. According to Streitmatter (1998), the girls repeatedly asked the teacher questions and used the answers as opportunities for group learning. As a result of the increased participation of girls, their achievement also increased. In streitmatter’s findings, in the single sex physics class in single sex school, about 87.5% of girls had an A and 12.5% of girls made B, whereas in mixed sex physics class, only 14.3% of girls had A, 14.3% had B and 71.4% had C. Therefore, girls benefit the most in the area of participation when boys are not in class, and this leads to the development of their academics. In addition, boys benefit from single sex education as boys work in collaborative settings when separated from girls. Caplice (1994) stated that boys participate more in art, theatre and cheerleading when there are no girls to ridicule them and they would become more comfortable in these

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