The Benefits Of Single-Sex Education In Public Schools

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‘‘If school districts want to offer single-sex programs, and parents want to choose them, and girls and boys want to attend them, then they should have that right’’. Susan Estrich ‘‘Ideologues Decry Single-Sex Education’’. Denver Post May 22, 1998, B-11 During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, co-education has been the norm for many public schools. Single sex education was not allowed yet. Nowadays, public schools have the opportunity to open single sex classes. This topic is controversial. Many people believe that co-education is better and others think single sex education is better. Single sex education is more efficient as it prevents distraction, develop academic performance and improve social skills. Many parents argue that single sex education is not as good as mixed sex education. They would prefer to send their children to mixed schools to improve their academic performance, as they provide various types of competition between sexes. However, mixed schools play a great role in decreasing the academic performance of both genders as they could be easily distracted by each other. They want to impress each other by concentrating on how they look like rather than concentrating on their academics. This often act out in ways that are detrimental to their individual learning. According to Vail (2002) ‘‘by far, the advantage most often associated with schooling boys and girls separately is that it eliminates distraction. Freed from the worries of impressing the

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