What Are Social Media Strategies: Helpful Or Harmful?

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According to protiviti.com (2012), Social Media includes web and mobile-based technologies that are used to enable interactive dialogue among organizations, communities and individuals. “Social” has become a term described as a collection of readily available media – blogs, visual search engines and video hosting sites such as Flickr and YouTube, social networks like Facebook and Twitter which allow posting of short messages and many others.
Social media and social technologies are the subject of many buzz sessions these days. Some advocates claim they are using them to alter the business landscape mainly to get as close as possible to the customer. Nash (2009) states, forget the mall. Retailers are tapping Facebook and mobile phones to get
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"Digital technologies give organizations the chance to have personal, individualized relationships at scale—but getting there requires going beyond superficial social promotion."(Martin, J., 2013)
Savings on recruitment cost through social media sites like LinkedIn
Employers, both current and future, look for prospective employees online. And it looks like this trend will continue in the future. LinkedIn, for example, are a treasure trove of profiles for potential recruits. Personalities shine through and make candidates attractive to recruiters. Leg work has already been done and would naturally cost less than the traditional recruitment process.
Rehabilitating damaged brand through Social Media will eventually save the company's future
Kim Nash (2014) of cio.com wrote about Domino's Pizza rehab campaign in 2010 through social media after a dissatisfied customer in Minnesota complained. Through social media, the company has slowly rebuilt its reputation
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They simulate small, contained tests, cautiously monitoring results to manifest if further investment is justified. For example, if the goal is to bring about leads, the same methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of other marketing techniques can be applied to determine the favourable outcome of a social media test engagement.
Second, companies considered broader value of social media in justifying the business case. They pointed out the value of winning their customers where they are most likely found spending time and give it a careful thought regarding the actual worth that genuine social activity makes. Again, customers who interact with businesses via social media were more trusting and were more likely to part with their cash with those companies than others do.
Nobody can predict how social media and social technology will turn out in the years ahead. For now it is the platform where battles are being waged in terms of engaging the customer. Only those businesses who have figured out the way to it will win in the

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