The Benefits Of Solar Energy

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Solar energy Solar energy is a renewable resource which can help us save other resources. Solar energy emits no toxins in the air, significantly reducing harmful air pollution and improving air quality. The environment does not just affect us but it also affects lakes, ocean, rivers, and other things. For example if every houses in new jersey has solar panels it can have an impact of removing two cars from the street. According to the environmental protection agency, using solar electricity to power i million houses would reduce greenhouse gas emission by 4.3 million and its the same thing as removing 850,000 from the street.Solar energy is one of the best sources to create or generate electricity. Solar energy is a type of energy which uses the sun energy to create electricity for us to use. Solar energy uses the sun’s energy to light homes, produce hot water, heat homes and generate electricity. Solar uses solar thermal to absorb the heat from the sun, they use black panels because when it is black the more heat will be absorbed and more electricity will be generated The main benefit about solar energy is that it does not produce any pollutants and it is one of the cleanest source of energy you can find. Solar energy is also a renewable source of energy. Right now solar energy is a very important source of energy for people who doesn’t really want to to waste there money on their electricity bill but to buy the solar panels will cost at least more than 10,000 US dollars.
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