The Benefits Of Solar Energy

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Abstract: Now a days, with the constant growing population and energy demand we should take a renewable choice of energy source and also we should keep in mind that, this type of energy should not cause any type of pollution and other hazards. In this case the solar energy is the better option for us. Solar energy is available in abundance and considered as the easiest and means of selecting the renewable energy. However, the main problem accompanying with tapping solar energy is requirement to install large solar panels (collectors) which requires a very big space. To avoid this problem, we can install a solar tree having solar panels which requires very small space.
Keywords: Solar panels, Long towers, Batteries, Stems for connecting plants, Led’s
I. INTRODUCTION Solar energy, it is a form of renewable energy resource. Hydro power provides 95% of renewable energy which produce from the force of energy of moving water. These power plants don’t require any resource to generate there is no chance to pollute or pollution. The sun is a hydrodynamic and having extremely hot ionized gases which generating energy in the process of the thermonuclear fusion. The temperature at centre of the sun is likely at 8*10^6 k to 40*10^6 k, where energy is released by fusion of two elements which are hydrogen and helium. Today the general methods hold more land to produce electricity. For an example if you want to produce 2MW of power you will require
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