Persuasive Essay About Time Travel

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Have you ever wondered if time travel is possible? If so how would you use it? Space travel has been a question to many astronomers from around the world. According to”We cannot avoid moving into our futures, but we can control the rate that we move through time.” So this is saying that space travel is possible we encounter it daily and it is possible to manipulate it. Overall time traveling would be a huge advantage. It would give us the ability to change our history, save important historical figures and finally watch history events from a first hand experience. Time travel is very useful and has many advantages. For example John P. Benfield professor of science and space exploration says “Time traveling allows us to fix our mistakes and change our history.” This can be very useful because we could plan our future and make things go our way. For the critics of time travel their opinion is much different because John P. Benfield Professor of Science and Space Exploration also agrees with the disadvantages and he also says” Time travelers could ruin important times in history by killing the people who invented the objects or important holiday.” So he is saying that important times in history can be ruined by time travelers. Based on the evidence that provides they agree with the…show more content…
I know this because on it provides” Even though the disadvantages that could come with time travel we need to give it a try because overall there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages.” This is saying that time travel is a great advantage to us giving us the power to change history, save important historical figures and finally see history from a first hand experience. states “ How can we really know all the disadvantages until we try it. So let’s give it a try no matter the outcome how do you feel about
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