The Benefits Of Speech: The Importance Of Reading

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I. Introduction:
Everyone knows that reading is important, but have you ever asked yourself why is that so? Reading is one of the most beneficial and practical activities that a human being can do. Unfortunately it is a disappointment that people these days read less. As we know, books were the main source of entertainment centuries ago, but with the widespread of technological advances such as the cinema, television, internet, among others, many people left their books on the bookshelf. The purpose of this speech is to present the benefits and the importance of reading. The reasons are that it is through reading that a person is going to be able to discover new ideas, concepts, meet new places and people that time, money or reality sometimes prohibited. It develops your communication tools and expands you knowledge and the conception around you.
First of all, reading gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn about other cultures and places or people of interest in the world. It gives you an insight into the diversity of our world and the chance to
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While reading you will be able to enrich your vocabulary, because written language is so much more diverse than a spoken conversation, so with this activity you will find yourself exposed to many new words, that without reading you would not be exposed. Moreover, through reading, you understand more. You get to have a bigger knowledge of life and a bigger perspective of your environment. Therefore, you can communicate better with people and we must know that how we communicate has a big influence of how we are perceive, and how we are perceive has a huge influence over how we behave and how we behave over time becomes who we are. At the end, a person who reads more is able to mix with others, he is better at communicating than those who do not read and more important he or she will be able to make meaningful connections with

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