The Benefits Of Technology Education In The Classroom

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Technology has changed our world forever, and nowadays, children are getting their hands on technology as soon as their hands can press a button or swipe a screen. The rising use of phones and mobile devices means children can have access to learning anywhere and at any time. Research shows that there are more than 80,000 applications for education written for iOS and Android device, on every subject and for every grade level from preschool through college. Convenience is the most obvious of the many benefits of technology education for students at school, but what are some of the benefits being observed in the classroom and at school? Students who are interested in their classes due to the use of technology are not passive learners anymore, instead one who has a lively part in the classroom. Students are capable of making choices for where to find relevant information when doing work, and are also smart in how they will use it and how they will present it as a final product. The teacher is still at their reach as a coach or a facilitator who will provide guidelines, set goals and resources as help, but is no longer the center of attention as a provider of information. Using technology in the classroom means there is no more one-size-fits-all style to teaching. An important benefit of today’s technology is that lessons can be custom made according to students’ needs. A teacher can follow in real time the progress of each and every student, allowing the teacher to

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