The Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

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Benefits of Technology in Classrooms Technology has evolved immensely throughout the years and now plays an essential role in the 21st century; it has greatly impacted almost every aspect of life, including education. The effects of technology has expanded access to education and has enabled new forms of communication between students and educators. The widespread adoption of this new developed technology has significantly benefited education in classrooms as it encourages students’ learning and growth, facilitates peer collaboration as well as communication, and enables access to new content easily. Technology in classrooms is becoming each time more predominant as chromebooks are replacing textbooks and any information can be researched easily and faster with smartphones. The internet has become such a common place and the way we use these resources has completely transformed the way individuals live today. Educators, too, have admitted that technology has become extremely beneficial in the development of students’ education. According to a study by IT Trade Association CompTIA, educators believe that technology in classrooms has a positive impact in the education process as it allows students to learn more in less time. In today’s world, massive amounts of resources and information are available through the internet and additional opportunities for formal learning are available through various online programs such as Khan Academy, podcasts, etc. Furthermore, students

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