The Benefits Of Technology In The Classroom

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Technology has advanced our ways of education in more ways than just one. This advancement has benefited in the classroom and made accessing knowledge easier for students. Technology is an asset that should be accepted by all educational systems because of its major convenience. With information readily available in the digital age, acquiring it, is quicker than ever. In the interview with Pam Varnado about Using Technology in the Classroom she mentions that there is “immediate access to an unlimited amount of information.” (Varnado Page 12). Vernado points out that in the classroom, technology provides extremely rapid results. In other words Vernado believes that having this advantage promotes fast learning. Not only is using the technology accelerated, but it is adding outside knowledge to the student. It is often known that finding alternate research, as well as the instructors information, can better a student’s learning experience. Hicks agrees that “Technology ultimately boasts many benefits when used in the classroom and can enrich the learning experience.” (Hicks Page 188). Thus arguing that technology leads to an improvement of the education taught in the classroom. Students opt to use technology in the classroom due to the fact that it is advantageous and develops the student education. As technology usage in classrooms increases so does the experience on the devices that they use. Pam Vernardo states “Our students Loyola use the iPad as a note taking
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