The Benefits Of The College Tuition Unfair To Some People

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Michael Benotti Dr. Stoffer ENG 131 29 January 2018 College Tuition Unfair to Some People Like many people today, especially in America, they say that college is an opportunity that most would look forward to after graduating from a secondary education. However, the price of tuition in many schools is what concerns many individuals who seek the opportunity of pursuing their dreams and goals. When it comes to tuition, people would view the price tag and might have doubts about attending college or even question if college is the best option at all. Also, many colleges will offer financial aid, scholarships, and grants to their future students, especially the ones who come from a low-income family. For a student from a high-income family, the amount of aid will be significantly lower, and the overall cost will be higher. Some say that this would spark controversy because most students would be paying off the costs after their undergraduate years instead of their parents doing it for them. There should be no reason why colleges should raise or lower their prices based on the income of every single future student. I can recall the time when I was applying to colleges. Out of all the seven I applied, I knew I had to pay my share for five of them. The other two were public and were quite affordable but were extremely competitive to get into. Although It was financially more appealing, I was rejected and glad that I didn’t end up having a choice since they’re in my home state,
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