Phillips Swot Analysis

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The effects of climate change, along with pollution and the depletion of non-renewable natural resources, has given rise to environmental awareness Environmental protection practices are becoming more critically oriented. Organizational stakeholders including customers, governments, stockholders, employees and communities are more emphasis on the natural environment. Effective environmental planning at the community level may consume time and money yet the investment will pay for itself in a better quality of life, savings in infrastructure and liability costs, and payback from increased property values.
Benefit of environmental protection practices from natural resources is improvement of ecosystem condition. It can reduce climate change
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It is a varied health and welfare company which focused on developing people 's lives through valid innovation in the field of lighting, healthcare and consumer lifestyle. Philips has had an existence in Malaysia from the year 1930. Philips Group of Companies in Malaysia do the business activities including manufacturing, exports, local sales and marketing at that time. Philips Malaysia, which was integrated at the beginning were sold light bulbs through chosen agents in 1960. Philips had dominated marketing activity and expanded its range of outputs at year 1970. Today, Philips established a reliable and trustworthy name in many industries which include lighting, healthcare and consumer lifestyle. The business activities of Philips comprise of marketing, sales, technical and application…show more content…
This is a position supported by leadership in modernization connected with a systematic way to seeking out new market freedom. The company’s ambition is to set the pace in the lighting industry as the first-choice innovative partner for the supply of creative and cost-effective lighting solutions. Philips’s products are found all around the world: not only everywhere in the home, but also in a multitude of professional applications, Sustainability at Philips Malaysia is all about improving the health and well-being of individuals and the communities they live in. At the same time Philips aim relentlessly to enhance the environmental performance of the products and processes as well as to drive sustainability throughout the supply
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