The Benefits Of Therapeutic Cloning

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Cloning have been a hot topic for many in the medicate field and regular people. One of the new idea for cloning is organ. Organ cloning is a process many doctors and scientists are interest in. Organ cloning is a process that can many benefit for humans. The possibility of uses that organ cloning could have been enormous. The one is it could make it is easier for people whose need transplants to get one. It could also make the chance that the body will reject the organ to zero. While the idea for organ cloning is a great and interest idea there still some ways to go before we can actually do it. The one change for the success of organ cloning is therapeutic cloning. Therapeutic cloning is a process in which DNA is extracted from the person…show more content…
There is not enough funding for this research to progress at the pace a lot people would want. It is slowing down the progress, because there is no money to do the more studies and experiment. If a person can’t do experiment for the research, then information on the subject will be limited. Another way that funding is slowing the therapeutic cloning is cost of the operation. It cost money to get the egg donor to use when organ cloning. It also cost money to actually the process which limit the amount the scientist can try therapeutic cloning. If there was a more funding for the research for therapeutic cloning than the limits on it will increases. There are many advantages to organ cloning. The first advantage is one that have to state before it was replacement of internal organs or tissues for patients. Another advantage of cloning organ could be used for diseases like Alzheimer’s disease by creating new tissues. It helps with fighting disease because the organ could be used to test cure for the disease without using human being. The organ would be a perfect match of the patient because being made from their DNA. It would not require an organ donor anymore, which mean no need to do a second surgery on a person. The final advantage is it allow researchers to learn more of the regeneration of organs. While there are advantages to organ cloning there are disadvantages. One of the disadvantage is the…show more content…
I also gave an explanation on therapeutic cloning process in which describing the all the good that could come from it. Therapeutic cloning is something that should get more recognition because the good it can do. As talk about before it can be used for more than transplants, but other study. There are endless uses this process can help improve humanity from find cure for diseases to getting a better understanding on an organ process. There are some still believe that the benefit could be accomplish by it, is not enough to overcome the ethic issue they have. If most people would do little more research into therapeutic cloning they would see there nothing to fear and be worry

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