The Benefits Of Uniforms In Public Schools

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Mr. and Ms. Le and Alex Le were at a friend 's party, and they were talking to some friends. All of a sudden, Mr. Le’s friends asked the question, “where are you taking your son to school?” came up. The question had been discussed multiple times among the group of friends, but this time seems different, because the Le family did some research to see which option was best for their son Alex. The Le family believes Alex should go to a public school, because of the uniform policy, costs of private school, and they feel public schools are underrated. First of all, private schools required uniforms, therefore parents are require to buy uniforms even though their kids already have a closet full of clothes. Public schools do not require students to wear uniforms, but public schools do have a dress code which every student must adhere to. People believe there should be uniform because it reduces bullying by instilling discipline among students. Students cannot express themselves and wear their favorite clothes. According to Nancy E. Bailey, PhD, an education author and activist, she states that ,“ Students should learn to make informed decisions about the clothes they wear.”( Overall, people should consider public schools because of it does not require uniforms. Another reason people should go to public schools, because of their cost. It is free for a child to attend a public school, but lack of funding always comes from fundraisers, donations, and events. Some events
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