The Benefits Of University Education

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Is the aim of university education only to help graduates get better jobs or are there other benefits too?

These days, the numbers of people are making the choice to go to university as many of them know that the education act as the key to a successful future for individuals. Education is seen as the fair ticket to a better life nevertheless this ticket is not being taken by many young individuals at the perfect age to pursue higher education. For various reasons, students have no drive or interest in the benefits of the institutions that surround them. (yehuda, 2016). However today, education has become the vital part of living. People are deciding on for higher qualifications to get a better career opportunity, employment benefits and for
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Today, to get in any job it requires hard works with experiences and degree certificate. Universities open up unexpected opportunities that are not always there for those who have not engaged in a higher level of education. In today’s economy, employment options are shrinking for people who carry a high school diploma. A large majority of high school graduates work in the service industry, in low paying jobs that do not offer many opportunities for advancement. College graduates, on the other hand, tend to have skills that qualify them for a broad range of employment in fields that offer more upward mobility (Education corner, 2017) where all the skills and experiences are gain in the time of college days to earn higher income and become more determined therefore it makes for university students to aim for the better career in the future. One common reason people seek higher education is to get out of a dead end job. Having a degree often means having an actual career rather than punching the clock to pay the…show more content…
These skills include basic literacy and numeracy, as well as the ability to think analytically, communicate effectively, solve problems efficiently and complete tasks and work with others. Education is essentially effective in every type of job or career, education makes the difference between being able to perform a job safely moreover accurately and being able to perform in a
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