The Benefits Of Volunteering Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

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When I decided to volunteer, I was taking a giant leap into the real world. In the pursuance of volunteering, I had to know that it is an important and serious matter. The work I put in for an organization is to benefit the lives of others, not myself. While considering volunteering, I researched a great number of organizations in which I could volunteer, as it is important to consider every option. Before I made a decision about who I wanted to volunteer for, I had to be positive about my choice. There are a number of nonprofit organizations that are tremendous choices; however, I chose Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to volunteer for because it engrossed me the most. By choosing to volunteer for Le Bonheur, I was able to witness medical miracles…show more content…
Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital’s sole determination is to provide ailing children of all ages with optimal medical care for any illness he may develop. Le Bonheur’s funding comes exclusively from fundraising and the donations of a vast number of individuals in the United States. Le Bonheur is a charitable hospital, therefore, the treatments in which the patients undergo are at no cost to the families. Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital relies on the goodness of people’s hearts to be able to provide the medical supplies and care children are in need of. In appreciation to contributable volunteers from around the country, Le Bonheur’s Children’s Hospital is able to provide children with the care that some families are not able to supply. With support from communities, Le Bonheur is always equipped for whatever a patient’s life may have in store. “From the ordinary bumps and sniffles of childhood to its most life-altering extremes” (“Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital”), Le Bonheur can provide the proper care to any child, whether it be the common cold or cancer. The graciousness and generosity of Le Bonheur have no limits; as a result, children from all corners of the globe seek treatment from the hospital. This magnanimity is Le Bonheur’s primary cornerstone, so “for more than 50 years, children from around the world have received exceptional care at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital,” said Alan Graf, the executive vice president of the hospital (“Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital”). For these reasons, volunteering at Le Bonheur is well worth the volunteer’s time. Furthermore, if anyone was to volunteer for Le Bonheur, volunteers do not necessitate specials skills or experience of any
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