The Benefits Of Wind Energy

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Our world today uses wind to make energy which is transferred into electricity that is supplied to our houses. Many countries around the world use wind turbines for power. Wind energy is clean and is safe for the environment. Wind turbines can be very powerful when properly placed. A normal sized turbine will produce 6 million kwh per year of electricity enough to supply around 1,500 EU houses. People have been using wind as a resource for hundreds of years such as in the netherlands they used windmills to collect energy/electricity. During the 11th century people in the Middle East were using windmills for food creation. During the 1800s small wind turbines were also used. “In fact, estimates show America could get 20% of its electricity from wind by 2030 – about as much as we get from nuclear energy.” 1

Wind energys noise disturbs those who live close to a wind farm. Most of the time wind turbines are forced to operate depending on the wind speed. But running under half its amount means lower energy production. The flow of the blades and the cogwheels make most of the noise. Cogwheels make noise inside the turbines tower. The noise is carried to the top of the wind turbine and it is given off across an area and thats the humming noise that the locals can hear2.

A benefit is that wind turbines are sustainable. Winds are made because of the heating in the atmosphere because of the sun and the rotation of the earth. As long as the sun is shining and the wind is blowing
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