Work: The Role Of Flexibility In The Workplace

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What is workplace flexibility? The "flexible" aspect of these types of jobs can relate more to the employees, or to the employer, or to both. That is, from the employees ' point of view, flexible work may allow “more freedom to organise their employment to fit in with other parts of their life”. For an employer, the flexibility may come with the ability to organise worker resources more in line with the varying needs of customers, or with peaks of demand. The most implemented method is known as flexible work schedules also referred to as flexible time, flexible hours, flexible work arrangements, flexible options, job-sharing, compressed work weeks, flexible place, telecommuting, flexible scheduling, and flexible time schedules. For years,…show more content…
Another factor is, flexible work help reduce stress at workplace. Hence, it is important because the contribution at the level of health to workers, since according to a study published. Based on the research, flexible forms of work can reduce the risk of heart disease or other diseases, such as stress. (Lake, 2009) .According to a survey, which took place by the work foundation, in a sample of five hundred employees, 69% of them stated that they want to spend more time with their family, particularly those who working in full time. Besides, the employees also can experience low levels of stress since their employer availed flexible work arrangement because they can get their work done within their own work…show more content…
It is because all the interviewees and employees were focussed positive towards flexible working as it is helping them to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance. The research has stated that the flexible working schedule indeed have a positive effect on the work force in terms of job satisfactions and balancing their personal life around their work commitments. Unlike the traditional working style that employed by the organisations, today’s firms are focussing on the development of employee welfare practices in order to cope up with the global competition and expanding customer expectation. Many of the employees agreed to the statement that the employer who offers flexible work to its employees for the sake of employer benefits values its

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