The Benefits Of Year-Round School

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Visualize the scene of an annual first day of summer barbecue, imagine the scent of wet grass and the sense of belonging felt upon gazing at people’s smiling visages. Now visualize summer camp, finally, after an entire year, seeing the friends that have been made over the years and hugging those friends as the rejoicing commences. Now imagine sitting crunched up in a tiny school desk listening to your algebra teacher drone on about quadratics and systems of inequalities. Day. After day. After day. Many districts in Florida have been debating whether or not to enforce year-round school. Year-round school should not be enforced because it will make finding childcare difficult for parents and kids will miss out on the joys of summer vacations and camps. Although it can be argued that year-round school may make it so children forget less of the material they learned because there are no long breaks, there is no proof of this so schools should continue with the traditional schedule.…show more content…
This is due to the fact that many parents have work schedules that do not align precisely with a year-round schedule. Also, parents are sometimes schoolteachers and if a teacher educates at a different school than their child, their breaks will not be in-sync with each others. Both of these reasons effect finding childcare because with a year-round schedule “it can be hard to find a babysitter for two weeks every six weeks.” ( 1) This means that because of sporadic breaks between school days, childcare is difficult to
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