The Bermuda Triangle: Causes And Accidents

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"A mystery conceals something we don 't know therefore it represents something new to discover" (Quasar). Bermuda triangle is a piece of land in the shape of a triangle located in the west of the North Atlantic Ocean. The triangles meeting points are located in Miami, Florida and the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda. Besides being a long and large stretch of land, the Bermuda triangle is a big harbor for ships, and is still being used as a pathway for ships, but the Bermuda triangle is most famous for its mysterious ships and planes disappearances which attracted the attention of many worldwide. Known as the sea graveyard for many accidents, the Bermuda triangle created a huge debate on the nature of the accidents. There are many theories that tried to explain the disappearance of ships and plane sinking in the Bermuda triangle, some scientists tried to explain the disappearances as normal accidents, due to different reasons. The area of the Bermuda triangle is known for its irregular landscape and irregular weather, the area is a maze for pilots and the weather can change in a matter of seconds. The area of the Bermuda triangle is made of a stretch of land with islands suspended in its water, the islands look similar to each other and pilots who are unfamiliar with the area are likely to lose directions. The area is also one of two areas in which magnetic compasses point true north rather than magnetic north, this is called compass variation. The variation is usually around
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