The Bermuda Triangle Theories

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Since the mysterious anomalies that Columbus faced in 1492, many a ship and plane have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Dr. Kim Dismont Robinson, who has received Bermudian of the year and made over 14 documentaries about the island, wrote in her article for the New York Times, “In the past 500 years, at least at least 50 ships and 20 aircraft have vanished in the Triangle, most without a trace -- no wreckage, no bodies, no nothing”(Robinson, 2006, para. 4). Bhattacharya shows in his article entitled “Bermuda Triangle Disappearances”, most of these disappearances are due to radar losing the vessel or a ship/ plane never showing up at their or any destination. But some have a more interesting story. In 1855, a schooner by the name…show more content…
Once again, in Bhattacharya’s article entitled “Bermuda Triangle Theories”, he goes over the most popular theories. One of the popular theories is methane gas. Methane gas when mixed with water decreases the buoyancy, which can explain the ships disappearing, but does not account for the planes. Another theory is hexagonal clouds that create “air bombs”. Many meteorologists have studied these hexagonal clouds and have confirmed that they can shoot out air at around 140mph. With these wind speeds, planes and ships can easily be blown out of the air and pushed into the ocean. Other theories point at more natural occurrences such as strong currents, freak waves, and powerful, unexpected storms, but this next theory really peaked my interest. This theory expounded on the idea of electronic fog which may be linked to the Hutchison Effect. According to Bhattacharya’s article entitled “Electronic Fog: Hutchison Effect in the Bermuda Triangle?”, it all started when Bruce Gernon, who has had 15 years of flying experience, was flying from Andros Island to Palm Beach, FL. After taking off, clouds rolled in. Gernon headed towards an opening in the clouds. A few moments later, he realised he was in a tunnel. Strange lines appeared on the walls of the tunnel and rotated in a counter clockwise fashion. In his interview YOUTUBE Gernon reported a strange feeling that…show more content…
I suppose that is the problem with researching a topic that is still a mystery. First of all, I want to learn more about the Hutchison Effect/electronic fog. That topic really peaked my interest because of how out there it was. I would like to see what other proof Hutchison or any other scientist has on the electronic fog and how they think it starts up. I would also like to know why there are other “Triangles” popping up around the world. While researching, I ran across other “Triangles”, such as the Alaskan Triangle, the area off the coast of North Carolina, and the Southeast Asia Triangle. And finally, like many, I still wonder what happened to

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