The Sacrifice In Christopher Columbus's The Bermuda Triangle

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Throughout history there have exist a lot of theories that could explain the weird phenomena that occurs in the waters of The Bermuda Triangle. Since Christopher Columbus was exploring the waters of the Atlantic Ocean he described in his trips about how he saw strange events happening in those waters. There has been reports of disappearances of dozens of ships, planes and persons all gone into oblivion where no one could tell how or when it occurred, they could just acknowledge the fact that they were gone forever, and that there was no concrete answer for what happened. The Bermuda Triangle also called the Devils Triangle because of the reputation it has gained throughout the years is located between Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda, it covers roughly 500,000 square miles in the Atlantic Ocean, this famous waters have attracted the eye of many because of the mystery that is hidden in those waters, even though after digging in some of the most famous cases you could see how the mystery disappears because the proof of the accidents showed that they were not on the area at the moment it happened, they were actually found, or…show more content…
Some of these people suggest that there is an underwater base on the region or think that downed UFO’s is confused as vessels. On October 11, 1492 as I mention before Christopher Columbus sight a mysterious event going on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, a light in the middle of the sea that later vanish and reappear several times, and going up and down in the sky this event makes you wonder, because since the beginning that man decided to explore the seas weird stuff is happening in there. The weirdest theory I have heard is the one of psychiatrist Dr. Kenneth McAll of Brook Lyndhurst in England, this man has the theory that the triangle is haunted by all the black slaves that were thrown out of the voyages coming to America that were later die in those

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