The Beruas Prophecy Analysis

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The Beruas Prophecy” by Iskandar Al-Bakri is a story focuses on the long buried treasure of Malik Al-Mansur, the last king of Beruas. Robert Fullerton, the Governor of the Prince of Wales Island strongly believes that the hidden treasure still exists according to the Malay Annals and is determined to add the treasure of Malik Al-Mansur to his collection. He then appoints Lowe and Duncan to search for the treasure. These Britishs get tangled up with two Malay secret societies that are Indera Sakti and Darul Kubra. They fight again and again throughout the whole adventure journey of searching of the treasure.
It is a historical fiction that the author uses historical facts and situations as background for this story about fictional characters. From reading this historical fiction, readers learn to appreciate stories from the past as most of them feel bored while reading history textbook. It is good to engage readers with the exciting world of history. They can
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From the writing, ‘His daughters sweep and clean the ring.’ and ‘Mastura has already made lunch for the men…as a treat, she has also made coffee for her husband and her brothers-in-law.’, the role of women obviously just includes all the household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. From the statement, ‘ “The council has never appointed a woman as the Ayahanda,” Ali shakes his head.’, we know that a woman has no chance or almost impossible to be promoted and get positions in that period of time. Women are considered as a weak person and they are supposed to stay at home. In old days, men play the role of the breadwinner of the family. They work hard to earn money and bring the money home. They have to work for their families while the women are supposed to stay at home. They take care of their children, their husband, and for the household tasks without worrying of the financial
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