The Best Day Of My Life

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I was struggling with depression and for over a month I had been going to group therapy every weekday. What helped me change was a puppy that was bought for me. That day was possibly one of the best day of my life. The tiring long hours of sitting in a car, the bug infested place, our bad naming sense, every second was significant to me. To this day, I can remember the feeling of happiness pouring out just by having the puppy in my line of sight. The change in me started on this day that I got the puppy. The place where we bought the puppy was about two hours drive away from our home, in a much more rural place. You can drive for a whole thirty minutes on the road and not find a single other person driving. There was nothing but trees not even when you look up; the trees were tall, and you can only see the sky peeking through from the cracks between the trees. We arrived at the place and there were two big German Shepherds carefully looking at us. My father was afraid that they might attack us if we approached them without their owner. Once the owner invited us in and showed us where the puppies were, an even bigger German Shepherd was jumping around, splashing mud everywhere behind a fence with the little puppies fumbling around near this big dog. Their ears were still down, so they looked like mechanical teddy bears that move a little bit when you turn on the switch or wind it up. There were twelve puppies, seven of them were boys, the other five were girls. We wanted a
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