The Best Kind Of People Analysis Essay

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Although in the end of “The Best Kind of People” George Woodbury expects his family will come back to him and forget just as the rest of the town did, his family does not feel the same affection and share the bond they once did and hoped that it would return to after the trial. The community shuns George when the accusations were made then accepts him after the trial. Whereas his family is there during the accusations and then after view him as a different man than the one they once knew. George’s family switches feelings from being loving and there for him to unsure and less accepting. It is clear that the family does not feel the same way they once did about George when the word “torture” is used to describe the feeling the family had when…show more content…
It’s as if the town and the family have had an emotional transition where suddenly feelings are not what they once were. The community’s immediate reaction to the sexual assault accusations were to be hesitant of George and view him as a completely different person than he once was. Now his own family feels that way about him. George’s confidence stems from the support especially Joan and Andrew provide throughout the accusations. Everything reverses once George confesses to his family about the Sarah Myers incident. Since the family was supportive even when times were tough and the rest of the community turned on him, George believes his family will be there for him when everyone accepts him and times turn easy. George knows his family stood by him through the hardest time so he is confident they will be there through anything else. Consequently, the Woodbury family mirrors the reaction of the community when the accusations are first made and the community mirrors the reaction of the family when they stuck by George. I think this can have a wider meaning into the world by expressing how relationships are ever changing no matter how sure one is at one point in
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