Plot Summary: The Bet

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The Bet- At the beginning of the story, Abby declines Traviss attempts at hitting on her. Instead, they become friends. Their friendship grows closer so fast they're immediately becoming Eastern's talk. When the boilers at Abbys dorms get broken, not wanting to shower every day in icy cold water, Abby moves temporarily into Traviss and Shepleys apartment under Americas advice. The time she spends there, makes them what she sees as good friends. but for Travis, it's more than that, He begins to fall for her. When he learns the boilers in her dorms got fixed and realizes Abby is going to leave, He gets upset and moody. Therefor, when Travis is set with a fight, which he attends with Abby, he comes up with a plan to make her stay. He bets her…show more content…
At one point Abby starts dating a guy named Parker, Abby convinces herself that he's the right choice for her and basically just trying to run from her true feelings because she's too scared of getting hurt. After getting drunk at her birthday party, Abby and Travis fall asleep together. Seeing them, Parker gets upset and ends up fighting with Abby, which leads to their breakup. On the last night of the bet, Abby makes a move that gives Travis hope for a relationship when in reality, Abby thought she was just ending things smoothly. The bet is over and she gets back to her dorm, leaving Travis heartbroken. After a short while she gets back together with Parker, But Travis isn't a one to quit. In one last try to get her, they spend a whole night together. At the end of it, he finally tells her how he really feels. Convincing her to stop fighting her feelings Abby calls Parker and break up with him. Stating she's in love with…show more content…
The past Abby was trying to run from so hard comes right back and threatens everything. Mick Abernathy, Abby's father is a former successful poker player. He's luck left him and seemed to move on to Abby when turned 13 and since then he blames everything on her. Mick shows up on campus and tells Abby he got into another debt, but this time it's different, because the person he owes the money to, wouldn't hesitate to kill for his money. In a desperate try to save her father, Abby and Travis go to Vegas in order for Abby to try and earn 25,000 dollars in 24 hours through poker games. Abby does the unbelievable and earns 20,000 dollars in only 5 hours, but that's not enough and her window to earn money gets closed when the casino realizes she's not old enough to play. Abby decides to try and talk some sense into Benny- the guy her father owes money too - and convince him to give her one more day but he refuses. Benny decides to teach Mick a lesson by hurting Abby. He sends people to hurt her, But Travis manages to fight them and win. Benny, impresed with his fighting skills offers him to fight for him for one night in order to pay Abbys debt. Travis agrees and wins the fight for him. On their way home Travis tells Abby Benny offered him a job as one of his fighters. And that he was going to say yes. Abby's trying to talk him out of it, but when she fails, she leaves him. Although she loves him to death,
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