The Betrayal Of Brutus In Julius Caesar

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“The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves." In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, many would argue if Brutus was betrayal to his dear friend Caesar or if he was a patriot only sticking up for his country. Being one of Caesar's best and most loyal friends he decided to be unfaithful to him and killed him anyways. However, the reason Brutus decided to kill him was for the sake of Rome, not just himself. The reason Brutus is a patriot and not a betrayer to Caesar is because all of his actions were for the sake and admiration for his country and his countries citizens and he would do anything for it , even if it meant kill his best friend. First of all, the main reason Brutus is a loyalist is because he did what was absolutely necessary to protect his home country. Even if that meant that he had to sacrifice his best friend. Brutus did not want to kill Caesar for fun, there was a good reason. It was for his city. For example, when Brutus is telling the conspirators about killing caesar he did not want to kill Anthony. “ I think it is not meet Mark Anthony, so well beloved of Caesar, should out live caesar” said Brutus..The reason is because Brutus is not a murderer he did it…show more content…
Caesar’s ghost even appeared to show this. “The evil, that men do lives after them there good is often interred with their bones.” However he killed him self for the sake of his country. People would think that Brutus killed himself because he was guilty for killing his best friend and not for just the sake of punishment. In act 5 scene 5 Brutus says, “Thy life hath had some smatch of honour in it” which shows that he was guilty for making a mistake and wish he was
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