The Betrayal Short Story

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The Betrayal
A Short Story
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The Betrayal
“Sir…….Sir !!” Mr Iyer was suddenly shaken off of his realm of thoughts by his servant, Mark. Mark must have been speaking to him since a while. It was time for his meal – and Mark was instructed to see to it that he takes his food and rest properly on time.
Mr. Iyer had been gazing at the sea for a long time……….. he had been born and brought up beside the sea ; and his childhood, youth and all the memories of passing years shared an unnamed bond with the mighty, wide, open, grave …………and the creation of the Almighty. In the abyss of reminiscences, he felt helpless and homeless
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Iyer lived with his only son, John and his servant Mark. He lost his wife a few years back. He lived a contended life and found comfort in his family and business, which he owned and managed himself. He dedicated his heart and soul to his business, and as years passed by, he planned to hand it over to his son – the apple of his eye, since he found John the worthiest of it. He felt it a sacred duty to bequeath John with it – nurturing him with utmost care, imparting him the best of education, training and never denying the shower of love upon him.
John was educated abroad, and for that he stayed away from home for 10 long years. And after that, when he returned a wise and capable young man, he was ready to face all challenges and handle all adversities. He seemed to be confident, of, in which his dad found the eligibility to hold up the pillar which he built up with so much of effort. So, without much delay, Me Iyer suggested his son about it, and to his relief, his son agreed with eagerness. He was overjoyed, and soon transferred all the legal documents and bank accounts to his son’s name. His joy was doubled when John wished to go abroad with a view to legally promote the business, and to expand it. Mr. Iyer happily consented. John bade his father goodbye, and instructing Mark to take care of his dad’s health, he set
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