The Beverly Hills Diet Summary

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All three of these articles share one common topic: body dissatisfaction leading to an eating disorder promoted by some type of media. Some degree of body dissatisfaction among women and young girls is consider a norm today. According to one girl asked to describe the “ideal girl” she described it as “5 ft. 7 in., 100 lb., size 5, with long blond hair and blue eyes” ( Groesz, Levine, and Murnen 1). This ideal is not attainable for all young girls and women and I can only imagine how horrible this would make them feel, always seeing images of ideal beauty and not being able to meet it can cause them to go to extremes to get the body they want. These young girls and women feel bad enough about themselves to do whatever it takes to…show more content…
This article focuses on a diet book called “The Beverly Hills Diet” which written by a women named Judy Mazel who has been suffering with an eating disorder since early adolescents. This diet book relates back to the main point of mass media affecting body image issues just from the tile and emphasis on Beverly Hills. When one thinks about Beverly Hills what comes to mind is tall, blond, sun kissed skin, and blue eyed girl and just in the tile an ideal is clear. The targeted customers for this book is anyone but it is more appealing to those who suffer from obesity and “this is the first time an eating disorder- anorexia nervosa- has been marketed as a cure for obesity” (Wooley and Wooley 57). The author herself used to be quite heavy but what she failed to mention to her readers is that her weight loss is due to the use of diuretics and other weight loss type of drugs. In Mazel’s book she talked about how to deal with binges and how to curve hunger and which are classic signs of anorexia. It is horrifying that this book is marketed and sold to young girls; “starvation haunts the pages of the Beverly Hills Diet” (Wooley and Wooley
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